Nota Bene

Heistbox (popularly known as Dropbox) has now permanently altered the accounts of its original users. (See my post, “Dropbox and the Snake Oil Sales Model of Tech Firms,” June 12, 2015). I think I have removed or updated all of my original Heistbox links; please write or tweet if you click somewhere and cannot get to the review or feature you would like to read. Thank you.

Feb 11, 2016

My Book Trailer

I did not know what a book trailer was until a friend sent me one for a novel she was reading. I thought: What fun! Readers get to see the author, and to hear her voice. Very few authors of "scholarly books" make a book trailer, but it seemed like such a good idea: introduce myself and summarize "Cinematic Quests for Identity" in 2 minutes. (That's a writing challenge.) I hope you will watch it: