Jan 27, 2013

Paolo and Vittorio Taviani Interview

Una Intervista con i fratelli Taviani

Below is my videotaped interview of Paolo and Vittorio Taviani which I conducted in October 2012 during the New York Film Festival premier of "Caesar Must Die" or "Cesare Deve Morire." The interview is in English and Italian. 

You can read my feature article based on the interview here, on FJI's website: http://www.filmjournal.com/filmjournal/content_display/esearch/e3i3704ac91beb74f3ca1f0cfbe052154d9

You can read my movie review of "Caesar Must Die" here: http://www.filmjournal.com/filmjournal/content_display/reviews/specialty-releases/e3i1de5fb1bf7fa19685b9d1818451c17fc