Mar 3, 2016

A New Review of My Book

My book is reviewed in the current issue of Cineaste, now on newsstands. The review begins: ". . . Maria Garcia combines her work as a film critic and scholar with her expertise in gender studies and offers a provocative contribution to the male-dominated field of film theory. With examples culled from a disparate array of genres and national cinemas, Garcia veers away from the Freudian paradigm that serves as the basis for much feminist film theory and instead draws heavily from Jungian psychology as a departure point for her ideas about identity and the self . . ." Later, the reviewer writes: "A purely Jungian approach to film interpretation, with evaluations of archetypes and paths to individuation, is, of course, not novel; a careful study of the hero's journey through a feminist lens, predicated on Jungian thought, however, feels innovative and inspired, capable of stimulating new and deeper understandings of familiar tales."