May 24, 2015

Spring Cleaning

This is a photo of Australian Aboriginal artist Elizabeth Thorn Djandilga's "Tortoise."
I was cleaning out old paper files today, to make room for new ones, and I found an article I wrote in 1999 for Windspeaker, a Canadian newspaper which follows the lives of indigenous people from around the world. "Dreamings, An Art Form from Down Under" is both a primer on Australian Aboriginal art, and a piece about four women artists. It includes interviews with three of the artists and Djon Mundine of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, then the only Australian Aboriginal curator in Australia. I hope that you will read about these remarkable women who paint not to create art, but as a ritual to celebrate their "Dreamings." (I am posting it under the heading of "Archives.") The article, scanned from old newsprint, can easily be read but was hastily clipped; so, please excuse the rough edges.